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FISERV Clover Gateway Virtual Terminal

Turns any Internet-connected PC into a POS device without installing software.

Customer and merchant
convenience—quickly accepts and processes credit cards, PIN-secured ATM/debit cards, electronic checks and gift cards. Supports up to 200-item product catalog. Completes transactions and end-of-day closeouts from any Internet-connected PC

Flexibility—grant transaction capability to any number of users. Generate automatic tax calculations, custom receipts and online reports. Schedule recurring billing

Security—128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Fraud protection tools.We securely maintain all cardholder data

Affordability and reliability—eliminates software installations, upgrades and system maintenance, plus includes online support

DEMO: This demo is an interactive view of the Virtual Terminal allowing you to run simulated transactions and operate the online terminal as if it were your own. Test drive our Virtual Terminal FREE:

FISERV Payment Software for Windows®

PC-based credit, debit and purchasing-card software—a cost-effective alternative to traditional POS equipment.

Reduces processing costs—one-time fee for licensing instead of recurring “per click” fees. Eliminates stand-alone terminals

Saves time for merchants and consumers—quickly accepts and processes credit cards, PIN-secured ATM/debit cards, electronic checks and gift cards. Recurring and installment transaction billing. Easy end-of-day closeouts

Corporate purchasing capability—supports Visa®, MasterCard® and American Express® corporate purchasing-card transactions Top-quality security and data encryption—with Payment Application Best Practices

(PABP) validated by Visa

Application versatility—integrates with existing POS software. Networks multiple installations to form a multi-station terminal. Archives transaction history for up to nine years for more comprehensive reporting


FISERV™ FD130 Terminal

Enables you to accept transactions when a customer presents you with an EMV card; that is, a card embedded with a special chip that adds an important layer of security. If choose to connect via your existing broadband Internet service or you may connect using the terminal's built-in Wi-Fi capability (optional dial backup; analog phone line required).

FISERV™ FD410 Terminal

A wireless, handheld point-of-sale device that merchants can easily use remotely to provide customers with the convenience of a full range of payment options. You'll have access to wireless downloads wherever your business takes you. This terminal enables you to receive the full range of solutions for payment processing, including credit, debit, gift cards, personal paper checks and EBT all from a single provider. Plus, with the store-and-forward capability, you can ensure card-present rates when there is no signal at the time of the transaction.


FISERV™ FD200ti Terminal

Features a built-in check reader and imager that processes checks through the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) service, which verifies the customer's checking history and, as an option, offers a warranty service. In addition to substantially lowering the merchant's risk, customers' personal information is protected, too, because the checks are returned to them after scanning.

FISERV™ FD300ti Terminal

Simultaneous, single-terminal support for multiple merchants and payment types.

Comes with a faster processor than the FD300. It is supported by a new version of Windows OS, 50% more memory and a brighter and crisper color screen.



This comprehensive, consumer-facing device not only accepts PIN-based debit transactions and swipes traditional payment cards, it is enabled to accept chip-and-PIN cards (aka EMV), which allow customers to initiate and process their own transactions without relinquishing control of their cards.

Designed for speed and convenience, the FD35 device accepts PIN-secured and signature debit cards, all major credit cards, gift and EBT cards, and STAR network transactions. In addition, it accepts a wide variety of payment devices, including chip-and-PIN, magnetic stripe and contactless cards, as well as mobile phone payments and key fobs.



This is the PIN Pad to be used with the Clover Station. This is a PCI 3.1 USB PIN Pad ready for ApplePay™, NFC and EMV.


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