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Clover Insights is powerful software that uses real payments data to help you grow your business. It helps you uncover a whole new side of your business by providing you with valuable information about your customers, sales, and similar businesses.

Clover Insights dashboard imageClover Insights provides multiple tools and screens that use your own sales data to reveal trends and uncover exciting business opportunities. Here are just some of its capabilities.

Compare sales form week to week, month to month, and year to year, so you can better understand key trends and plan ahead.

Set up goals and get weekly email summaries of business performance including how you are tracking compared to those goals.

Clover Insights-set goals imageHighlight the most important nuggets of your sales and customers as easy-to-read stories on your dashboard.

Determine which days and hours are busiest so you can schedule staff accordingly

Clover Insights-My Neighborhood imageInclude notes about your marketing and track its success so you know which promotions and programs are really working.

With Clover Insights, you can see where your customers are coming from, how far they travel, and how often they come in.

The weather can significantly impact business efforts, both negatively and positively. With Clover Insights, it's easy to see if the weather impacts yours, so you can then make any needed adjustments.

Getting started is easy! There's no setup or data to input. Simply logon from your computer or smartphone and you're ready to go.


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With Clover, Insightics becomes even more powerful.

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