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Clover is the new POS system from cardconnect designed especially for the small business.

Clover is an all-in-one system that replaces a cash register, terminal, and POS system, all for not much more than you’d pay for a cash register and terminal alone. What’s more, it’s powerful. Ring up sales, sure, but also view your inventory, track revenues, manage employees, view reports, and take advantage of a ton of applications that you can custom select for your business.

The Clover system is always sold together with a merchant account – something usually offered by banks that enables you to take credit card payments.

Clover station imageCertain types of businesses are better able to take advantage of Clover’s powerful system. These include:

Access and manage the business from anywhere because it is cloud-based. Merchants can go to Clientline and view/manage everything going through their Clover Station. So from a tablet or smartphone, they can add employees or menu items, for example, and view dozens of reports.

Read about the physical details of the system here:


There are a lot of applications available for Clover with more coming. The client can choose the basic setup to start and then add more sophisticated applications as their needs arise. Here are the basic ones:

Additionally, there is an open App Market based on the Android operating system which allows a community of developers to continually add new solutions available for download.

Clover is fast and easy to setup. Within minutes of delivery it can be up and operating. Also, there is no lengthy training process. Clover’s intuitive design ensures that employees won’t need more than about 15 minutes themselves to learn key functions.

Clover will continue to work/take payments even if the Internet connection is down. It has both Ethernet and wireless connection options.

There is 24/7/365 support. Phone, email, chat, website, or Twitter, help is available all the time.

Since it is a cloud-based system, there is always a backup of the client’s data available no matter what the emergency.

Security is paramount when handling money. End-to-end encrypting card reader, locked-down operating system, mutually authenticated SSL, code reviews, penetration tests—we've invested hugely in safety and security.

Visit the Clover website for information on new applications and features plus detailed information about Clover. This is the primary resource for Clover information.

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