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The Cardservice-Today Affiliate Program is designed to expand physical coverage of our service area, while maintaining the legal and operating parameters of the DVBE program as defined by the State of California.

The law defines a disabled veteran as a United States military, naval, or air service veteran with a service related disability of at least 10%. A certified DVBE is a business certified by State of California, Small Business and DVBE Services, that is at least 51% owned or controlled by a disabled veteran who is a resident of the State of California.

Cardservice-Today is a DBA of Fairmed, Inc., an Agent of Fairmed Inc., founded in 1993, is wholly owned by Robert W. Fair and is a California corporation and certified DVBE. Mr. Fair was a Navy Corpsman for six years, who served one tour-of-duty in Vietnam during 1967-1968.

All Merchant Agreements submitted to Cardservice-Today under the Cardservice-Today Affiliate Program are written only as Fairmed agency accounts (Fairmed Agency #35939), the certified DVBE of record.

2015 CardConnect Cardservice-Today Merchant Agreement
(Click to download PDF)


CA Department of General Services #1238360 and CPUC DVBE Registrant #1238360


California, north
FDIS Pacific Heights
California, south

FDIS Card Service-CM

FDIS San Diego South


Westland Associates



FDIS Pacific Heights

Todd Ferrell
(415) 286-7751 - mobile
Program Codes: 6222 / Internet 6223

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CALIFORNIA, SOUTH (alphabetical order)

FDIS Cardservice-CM

Rick Yuill
(800) 889-8822 - office
Program Codes: 6226 / Internet 6227

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FDIS San Diego South

Tim Abbo
(619) 606-0000 - mobile
Program Codes: 6224 / Internet 6225

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Tom Swaney
(949) 466-8283 - mobile
(800) 838-9598 Ext 102

Megan Swaney
(800) 838-9598 Ext 104

Jim Collins
(209) 324-7098 - mobile

Robert Fair
(800) 838-9598 Ext 101
(714) 838-9585 - fax



Westland Associates

Tom Leatherby
2390 East Orangewood Ave, Suite #515
Anaheim, CA 92806
(800) 323-6556


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